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We are on a mission to bring green infrastructure to the forefront of property upgrades.


We’ve created a one-stop-shop for contractors to receive stormwater project opportunities.  Rainplan provides resources, technologies, and funding to support our contractors. We work with a large range of stakeholders: property managers, homeowners, architects, and commercial developers. They trust Rainplan to help them embark on stormwater improvement projects.

No matter where you are in your professional journey, creating your free account is the best way to stay up to date on local stormwater project opportunities.
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Why Join the RainplanPro Network?

Joining the RanplanPRO network makes you the other half of an unstoppable team. We do all the grunt work of sourcing high quality projects, preliminary planning, and even finding financing for the project. All you have to do is sign-up, show up, and do what you do.

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Be the First to Know About New Local Bid Opportunities

Once you are registered on our platform, you’ll enjoy a year-round stream of internally cultivated bid opportunities. We find the customer. We let you know about the open projects. You let us know if you’re interested and we’ll include your bid in the short list of referrals that we provide to our clients.


Payments Through Rainplan are Quick and Convenient.

We eliminate financial barriers for property owners. That means you get paid faster.

When your bid for a project is accepted, you’ll do a site visit to finalize scope and pricing. Once a contract is signed, you can rest easy knowing that Rainplan will provide fast and easy payments through the project installation process.

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Projects Sent to You Are Matched to Your Specialty

We want both our pro network and property owners to be happy with their project. That’s why we ask you to tailor your biography to determine specialty skills.

Stormwater management design and construction has many facets and we seek to make the right project match the first time.

We Take Care of Project Signoffs

You benefit from a partner that understands the project planning process. We do the heavy lifting throughout signoffs, approvals, and permitting.

Our goal is to support each project by being a catalyst for bid-ready opportunities designed to make the process easy for property owners and contractors. 

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