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Most people aren’t aware of why stormwater is important to cities, how it affects neighborhoods, or the benefits of upgrading to stormwater best management practices. We want to change that.

That’s why we created The Runoff. We’re hoping to make this a stormwater blog you’ll actually read.

Here you’ll learn how stormwater fits into your everyday experience and what it can do for you. Click around to explore information and stories from experts, professionals, and real people. 

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The Property Owner Guide to Stormwater Utility Fees

The Property Owners Guide to Stormwater Utility Fees As a property owner, you might notice additional fees on your monthly utility bill. Stormwater fees are a new charge in over 2000 cities across America. In some municipalities, these fees are minimal, around $5-9...

Financial Literacy 101: Can Stormwater Provide a Tax Benefit?

            Financial Literacy 101: Can Expenditures or Investments in voluntary stormwater retrofits provide property owners a tax benefit?     Since it is financial literacy month, it seemed timely to scope out an overview of the tax benefits of stormwater...

SWPPP: What to Include for A Successful Application

Having a plan to reduce your pollution is good for a lot of reasons, but it’s essential if you’re looking to break ground on a construction project. Understand what goes into submitting a winning SWPPP.

Stormwater Problems and Solutions

If you’re assessing a new property or putting one up for sale, you need to be informed. We’ve laid out the top issues that we hear from private property owners, some of the causes, and stormwater best management practices that we would usually recommend. The good news...

What a Sustainable Society Would Emphasize

What is the Triple Bottom Line Concept and How Can Green Infrastructure Play a Role?   The Triple Bottom Line concept is a framework of what a sustainable society would emphasize meant to encourage businesses to consider their social, environmental and financial...

What are Stormwater Retention Credits?

Stormwater retention credits are created through projects that implement stormwater management practices to store, detain, or treat stormwater runoff. The property owner who has implemented GI on their site is the one who is allowed to sell the credits granted to them by the local municipal program.

Stormwater and ESG Investing

Stormwater and ESG Investing Trends On February 17th, 2022, a company called Actual seemingly started to crack an ESG investing trend most companies were struggling with: how to collect and visualize data when it comes to showcasing sustainable practices. Actual...

What are Stormwater Best Management Practices?

If you have ever worked with an engineer, you might be used to hearing the word drainage and the phrase ‘stormwater best management practices’. Often we have found that when clients start to dive into the world of design and structural planning, the terminology from experts in the field begins to confuse the process. We break down what exactly they mean when talking about BMPs.

What is Stormwater and Why Does the Government Care about it?

What is Stormwater & Why Does the Government Care about It? Stormwater drainage is a massive topic in 2022. As more severe weather patterns emerge, governments are focusing on declining infrastructure. We often don't think about it, but the United States is a...

Urban Runoff

The Row Home and Urban Runoff Rowhomes are a popular architecture design in densely populated urban areas, but did you know that row home design had urban runoff in mind? With each passing generation, the world faces new challenges and must continue to rise to the...

Intro to Green Infrastructure | Stormwater Systems that Make Sense

Wet Weather Turns into Water Runoff Stormwater runoff is the single largest cause of water pollution, flooding and property damage. According to FEMA, just one inch of rain can cause $25,000 of damage to your home. More than 22.4 million US properties are at risk of...

Amy’s DC Green Roof

“It turns out my roof is perfect for a green roof. I like it. Not only has it already changed the temperature inside the house, but it also says to my neighbors that I care about the earth. It shows my values.”

Stormwater Retention Credits (SRC) for Yellow Cab Company

Using Rainplan, Yellow Enterprises located at 1336 Bladensburg Ave Washington, DC 20002 was able to benefit from local incentives available to property owners within the City to upgrade their parking lot with a bio-retention “rain garden” facility that treats approximately 39K gallons of water per the first inch of rain.

Tips from an Expert: Winter Maintenance for Green Roofs

You installed your green roof and with winter approaching you wonder what happens next. It might be tempting to walk away from it during the cold months and re-adjust come spring, but even green roofs need TLC during winter. Mike White of Connect Contracting writes more about caring for your new investment.

Water Runoff in Chesapeake Bay

A case study about how Washington DC homeowner Tom Bulger built a Rain Garden and leveraged incentives to address water runoff in Chesapeake Bay.