The Marketplace

Welcome to the Rain Revolution!

We aim to catalyze the adoption of nature-based solutions on private property by bringing together individuals, industry, and government incentives in one easy-to-use online marketplace.

The Problem

Rapid urbanization has increased the percentage of land covered by impervious surfaces causing stormwater runoff to pick up harmful pollutants and overwhelm existing infrastructure, which results in local nuisance flooding, water pollution, and missed opportunities for harvesting and reusing our most valuable resource.


of impervious surfaces in urban environments are privately owned


Local governments are turning toward stormwater fees to meet EPA regulations

The Solution

Rainplan makes it easy for private properties to adopt nature-based solutions that capture rain on-site, resulting in a more resilient property, a healthier community, and a stronger local economy.

  • Property details that help people understand their runoff footprint
  • Most comprehensive list of incentive programs specific to a localized area
  • Connecting local governments, property owners, and green businesses to a central marketplace, making it easier for everyone to access the right resources

Marketplace Mobilization

Property Owners

Empowering people to understand and invest in more resilient properties that can withstand severe storms and droughts, while reducing fees and increasing property value.

Local Government

Reducing the burden on public infrastructure, reducing complaints and nuisance flooding caused by neighbor runoff, and increasing the utilization of available incentives.

Green Business

Increasing demand which fosters innovation and new opportunities for local businesses, resulting in a stronger economy

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