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What Are Stormwater Retention Credits?

Stormwater retention credits, or SRCs are created by voluntarily installing new green infrastructure or by removing impervious surfaces on private property.

Those credits can then be sold to buyers who purchase credits to meet regulatory requirements.

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How It Works

We supply quality offsite green infrastructure options to comply with regulatory requirements.


Request the number of Stormwater Retention Credits you need and how many years of compliance you want.


Rainplan will send you a purchase agreement confirming the available SRCs. If we run out of credits, we will work to find another seller and negotiate the most competitive price possible.


Digitally sign your purchase agreement, and Rainplan will submit the registration with the District’s Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE).

Where Credits Are Being Used

Read how Washington DC is benefiting from credit trading.

Rainplan Aggregators

We get a credit per gallon saved on partnered green infrastructure projects.
Project assets can be anything from green roofs, bioretention, and permeable pavers that are capturing water runoff in the Ms4 area.

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Rainplan assets generate offsite credits to be purchased by anyone. You can use the credits you purchase for your project now and in the future.


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Why Do SRCs Matter?

Rainplan’s Stormwater Goals


Stormwater Retention Credits incentivize private funding for green infrastructure and sustainable development.

SRCs & the Environment

SRCs manage both on-site and off-site runoff to maximize watershed restoration


Rainplan makes the purchase and compliance of SRCs easy and affordable

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We make the process of buying and selling stormwater retention credits simple.

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