Rain Harvesting with Rain Barrels

Saving on water bills and water for our gardens or lawns is becoming even more important. One way homeowners can save is by harvesting rainwater with a rain barrel. However, many homeowners hesitate to install rain barrels because they worry about the visual impact on their outdoor spaces. Or maybe they have HOAs that restrict them from having a barrel out in the open. Fortunately, there are plenty of creative ways to conceal or cover rain barrels while still maintaining an aesthetically pleasing environment. Let’s explore some ideas to cover rain barrels seamlessly into your landscape.

Privacy Screens and Trellises:

Install privacy screens or trellises around your rain barrel to create a natural camouflage. You can grow climbing plants like ivy, jasmine, or bougainvillea to further conceal the barrel and add a touch of greenery to your outdoor space. This not only hides the barrel but also enhances the beauty of your garden.

Decorative Enclosures:

Build decorative enclosures around your rain barrel using materials such as wood, wicker, or even recycled plastic. These enclosures can be customized to match your existing outdoor décor and can range from simple wooden crates to intricately designed cabinets. Consider adding hinges or removable panels for easy access to the barrel when needed.

rain barrel hidden behi

Integrated Water Features: Turn your rain barrel into a functional part of a water feature in your garden. Incorporate it into a fountain or a cascading waterfall design. This not only conceals the barrel but also adds a soothing element to your outdoor space, creating a serene ambiance.

Faux Rocks or Boulders: Opt for faux rocks or boulders specifically designed to cover rain barrels. These lightweight and weather-resistant covers come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, allowing you to choose one that blends seamlessly with your landscaping. They provide a natural look while effectively hiding the utilitarian aspect of the rain barrel.

fake rock that surrounds a small rain barrels hooked up to a house

Cover Rain Barrels with Paint and Artistic Touches: Get creative with paint and artistic touches to transform your rain barrel into a work of art. Consider painting it to resemble a tree trunk, a piece of outdoor furniture, or even a whimsical garden gnome. You can also enlist the help of local artists to turn your rain barrel into a unique outdoor mural that adds character to your home.

Multi-functional Furniture: Incorporate your rain barrel into multi-functional outdoor furniture pieces. Design a bench with a hollow base to conceal the barrel, or repurpose an old wooden crate as a stylish planter box that doubles as a rain barrel cover. These dual-purpose solutions maximize space while maintaining visual appeal.

Camouflage with Landscaping: Strategically place shrubs, bushes, or potted plants around your rain barrel to camouflage it within your landscaping. Choose plants with dense foliage that can effectively screen the barrel from view. By blending the rain barrel into the surrounding greenery, you create a cohesive and harmonious outdoor environment. Like below, you can wrap many pre-built gardening or landscaping practices around your barrel and then modify and hook it up to your down spout.

rain barrel surrounded by stacked up planters


Concealing your rain harvesting barrel doesn’t mean sacrificing the beauty of your outdoor space. With a dash of creativity and ingenuity, you can seamlessly integrate rain harvesting into your landscaping while enhancing your home’s aesthetics. Whether you prefer natural camouflage, decorative enclosures, or artistic embellishments, there’s a solution to suit your style and preferences. Embrace sustainability without compromising on style with these innovative ways to conceal your rain harvesting barrel.


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