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Water Harvesting Rebates in 2023

Let’s get this straight! Nowhere in the United States is it illegal to harvest rainwater. (Just heavily regulated in some areas).

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Most rain barrels now come with mosquito netting inside and are sealed on top to stop attracting mosquitos.

What are the benefits of rain harvesting?

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Underground rainwater storage tanks

Save on Water Utilities

Cut down on your water bill by reusing water for your landscaping and toilet systems.

Save Your Local Neighborhood

Water conservation is vital to the western United States and your local community. Saving water means that local reservoirs have a chance to recharge.

Go Net Zero

Larger cisterns can reuse water for not only landscaping but also for toilets and showers. 

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rain barrels with irrigation drip
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 Here is what we are not: contractors or service providers.

We’re something even better! Rainplan is the first online marketplace for property owners to find stormwater incentive programs that pay you back for implementing new sustainable property projects, finding a qualified service provider, and for discovering what you can do with your specific property!

What Our Customers Are Saying


“I had all of our neighbors come over to see our rain garden. I told them how inexpensive it was because we received $2,200 from the Bay Alliance [as an incentive package].” – Tom B., Maryland


Rainplan is like the person who holds your hand through the whole process. The most important thing for me as a homeowner was navigating the incentive system and understanding  what options were the best for my roof.”-Amy B., Washington DC


How to Use Our Platform

Why do you need us? We streamline your payments and find you the most cost-effective and affordable stormwater harvesting system.

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Type in your property address so we can find incentive programs in your area for tree planting, landscaping, drainage, roof repairs and more! 


After typing your address, we help you explore stormwater options for your property. Maybe you have a leaking basement, or you want to remove grass and xeriscape your yard before next summer…we are here to help you find solutions. 

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When you know what you want, we can find you qualified service providers who will send in bids and proposals for your project. No more cold calls or Googling!


Plan out and understand what would work on your land and ask an expert questions with our free Virtual Site Visit. 


Ready to start your landscaping upgrade? We can make it happen for you by filing the incentive paperwork, setting up a buy now pay later payment option, and handling your contractor invoices. 

Type in your property address so we can find incentive programs in your area for tree planting, landscaping, drainage, roof repairs and more! 

Rain Harvesting FAQ

Frequently Asked 

Is collecting rainwater illegal in my state?

We hear this all the time. “You can’t collect rainwater in my state or city because it’s illegal.” This used to be the case in some areas because cities were trying to prevent mosquito populations, and some water runoff is necessary for cleaning streets and moving mass through combined sewers. HOWEVER, it is not illegal in any US state to collect rainwater, but many areas have specific rules before you can install a rain barrel and how much rain you are allowed to collect each year.

Can I buy any type of rain barrel and get a rebate?

The type and amount of rebate you get for installing a rain barrel depend on the incentive program. We see that many incentive programs require you to get at least a 50-gallon barrel; some even want you to get a specific material like plastic over galvanized steel. When you search for an incentive program, be sure to read the fine print, or we can do that for you. 🙂

I can install a rain barrel myself. Why do I need Rainplan?

You absolutely can install a rain barrel yourself, and there are many youtube videos to show you how. Yet, if you don’t have a certain downspout, this can get tricky. Also, in some cases where your foundation has a slope or you want to install a drip irrigation system, we recommend a contractor. If you want to install a cistern, you will need a contractor (even for the above-ground variety) because they need to design and pour the foundation. We can help get you a rebate for all these projects and send you qualified and vetted green infrastructure contractors in your area. Why stress about it when you can have someone else do that?

Is Rainplan a Contractor?

No, we match you with the best contractors in your area and help you navigate the installation process.

Does a rain barrel require maintenance?

Yep! If you want a route with less maintenance but more initial upfront costs, go with a cistern. For rain barrels, upkeep is mandatory. In the winter, you need to unplug, dry, and store them, so they don’t crack. You need to use the water inside of them within two weeks after rainfall so mosquito larvae don’t form. You also need to clean them out after each rainy season so they don’t smell gross from the decaying twigs, leaves, bugs, etc., that evade the filter.  Contractors are willing to schedule seasonal maintenance in most areas and can do this for you if you want.

How quickly does a rain barrel fill up?

Depending on your roof size, your rain barrel will certainly fill up after MOST rain events. For example: from a roof section of 200 sq. ft. if it rains half an inch it will fill up a 60-gallon barrel. 

Cistern or rain barrel, what's the difference?

Simply put: rain barrels are great for residential homes, and cisterns are great for commercial properties or larger-scale homes on a huge lot. We have a blog about it if you want to read more.


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rain barrels with irrigation drip

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