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This looks like a streamlined way to explore the process and see if we qualify. We were aware that the DC government is supportive of creating incentives and we went through that process, but the Rainplan was another piece of it and even better with the help and support of the team to do all the steps.

Shelley M.

NE Washington DC


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What are Nature Based Solutions


Nature-based solutions can help by creating natural places for the rainwater to go, like rain gardens or special areas with plants and soil that can absorb the water. This way, the water can soak into the ground instead of flooding the streets, and carrying pollutants into waterways or flooding neighborhood yards.

Think of it like a sponge – when it rains, the sponge (the ground) soaks up the water. But if the sponge is full or covered in plastic (concrete), the water can’t soak in and just sits on top. Nature-based stormwater solutions help make sure the sponge (the ground) can soak up the water or provide a place to store water for reuse.

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We are striving to be the catalyst for the adoption of nature based solutions by streamlining an enriched online platform that makes the process accessible for everyone. We are in beta with some of our offerings, but by signing up for a dashboard we can keep you updated on new experiences and future updates.

—The Rainplan Team

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