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Storm Score
Storm Score

Rain or shine, your Storm Score has something to tell you

Discover potential incentives for your property, where and how to collect rain, its impact on your property, neighbors, and surrounding community.

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“I can’t imagine anyone trying to complete this process on their own.

Rainplan helped me understand my options, and to get my green roof installed.

The added insulation has already impacted the temperature inside our home.”

Amy Butler

Rainplan Customer, Green Roof

Incentive Discovery
Incentive Discovery

Unlock the secrets of stormwater incentives

See if there are rebates, discounts, or zero-interest financing options in your area to offset the cost of upgrading your property.

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Is Rainplan a contractor?

No, we match you with the best contractors in your area and help you navigate the installation process.

What are the steps of the rainplan process?

Once you submit your address we will send you a Rainplan assessment that will include an analysis on your property, what type of technologies we recommend, the amount of government funding you’re eligible for, and a pricing estimate.

Afterwards we send a contractor or engineer to your property depending on the type of upgrade you’re looking to do. A structural engineer will evaluate the structural integrity of your property for a Green Roof, and a landscape designer will conduct a percolation test on your soil and the design for the installation on your soil for permeable pavers and rain gardens.

We’ll then send you finalized pricing and if you accept we will submit your property for incentive approval and afterwards begin the installation process.

How does Rainplan work with the government?

Yes, Rain Plan is a for-profit, private organization. We have no contractual or affiliation with the government. We provide storm water services where we assess the property, connect to installers and fund the work so there’s no out-of-pocket cost for the property owners.

We administer the application process into the local jurisdictions for the programs. For example; In DC they have numerous programs, one of them is the River Smart Rewards Program and the Chesapeake Bay Trust.

We have no affiliation but we provide a service to make it easier for property owners to make upgrades but also obtain incentives from the government. This is not only meant to be a concierge service but also a way to guarantee your incentive and not come out of pocket for the entire amount while waiting on your incentive rebate after the project is complete.

What type of technologies does Rainplan offer?

Green Roofs, Permeable Pavers, Rain Gardens, Rain Barrels

What is the homeowner responsible for?

In addition to the installation fee, the property owner is responsible for:

A- Providing Rainplan with access to the property throughout the installation process.

B- Assigning payment to Rainplan of any stormwater installation rebates.

C- Annual maintenance of stormwater improvements to ensure property owner remains eligible for annual utility fee discounts.

D- Any property damage. Stormwater upgrades are designed to capture the first 1.2 inches of rainfall and Rainplan does not guarantee protection from severe weather, and or other property related events.