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For the Stormwater Managers

stormwater incentive management software

Program Hosting

One-stop-shop to file, sort, and monitor your application process. 

Data Analytics & Insights

Essential resource updates tailored to your program, delivered to your dashboard and email with a breakdown of demographic data, insights, forecasting, and practical marketing advice tailored to your needs.

Project Sourcing

Helps you find the properties that best meet your GSI goals and gives you direct line of communication to property owners in your constituency so you can work with them to find the highest impact projects

Contractor Management

A Collaborators extension of the Rainplan online platform that enables your team to work directly with the contractors who install GSI in your community.

We Have Even More

From hosting integrated outreach tools, marketing, custom property cards on YOUR website, and project assurance through Rainplan—there is even more ground to cover.