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Planting trees in the fall is a perfect time because it allows your trees to root properly before next summer.

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Here is what we are not: contractors or service providers. We’re something even better! Rainplan is the first online marketplace for property owners to find local tree service providers, incentive programs that pay you back for planting trees, and other stormwater solutions for your property!

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“I had all of our neighbors come over to see our rain garden. I told them how inexpensive it was because we received $2,200 from the Bay Alliance [as an incentive package].” – Tom B., Maryland


Rainplan is like the person who holds your hand through the whole process. The most important thing for me as a homeowner was navigating the incentive system and understanding  what options were the best for my roof.”-Amy B., Washington DC


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Why do you need us? We streamline finding the right tools to get your sustainable landscaping project. Using stormwater incentives, you can find the most cost-effective and affordable solution to upgrading your property to save on water and increase property value. 

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What Problems Can Tree Planting Fix?

Pulling Water Down

Tired of water pooling in your yard? Tree roots pull water down into the ground. 

Better Soil

Trees collecting water and mixing nutrients can help enrich your soil and make your landscape healthier for other plants. 

Stop Erosion

Roots will stop water from flowing off or onto your property from another location. 

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