Fall Tree Planting

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Planting trees in the fall is a perfect time because it allows your trees to root properly before next summer and because it’s a great start to managing your stormwater issues.

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Here is what we are not: contractors or service providers. We’re something even better! Rainplan is the first online marketplace for property owners to find local tree service providers, incentive programs that pay you back for planting trees, and other stormwater solutions for your property!

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What Our Customers Are Saying


“I had all of our neighbors come over to see our rain garden. I told them how inexpensive it was because we received $2,200 from the Bay Alliance [as an incentive package].” – Tom B., Maryland


Rainplan is like the person who holds your hand through the whole process. The most important thing for me as a homeowner was navigating the incentive system and understanding  what options were the best for my roof.”-Amy B., Washington DC


How to Use Our Platform

Why do you need us? We streamline your payments and find you the most cost-effective and affordable stormwater and landscaping solution.

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Type in your property address so we can find incentive programs in your area for tree planting, landscaping, drainage, roof repairs and more! 


After typing your address, we help you explore stormwater options for your property. Maybe you have a leaking basement, or you want to remove grass and xeriscape your yard before next summer…we are here to help you find solutions. 

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When you know what you want, we can find you qualified service providers who will send in bids and proposals for your project. No more cold calls or Googling!


Plan out and understand what would work on your land and ask an expert questions with our free Virtual Site Visit. 


Ready to start your landscaping upgrade? We can make it happen for you by filing the incentive paperwork, setting up a buy now pay later payment option, and handling your contractor invoices. 

Type in your property address so we can find incentive programs in your area for tree planting, landscaping, drainage, roof repairs and more! 

What Problems Can Tree Planting Fix?

Pulling Water Down

Tired of water pooling in your yard? Tree roots pull water down into the ground. 

Better Soil

Trees collecting water and mixing nutrients can help enrich your soil and make your landscape healthier for other plants. 

Stop Erosion

Roots will stop water from flowing off or onto your property from another location. 


MORE Green Infrastructure

*Best Management Practices

Dry Well

Have flooding issues? Dig down deep to solve your problem.

Dry Creek

Between a rock and a hard place? Move problems away from you.

rain barrels with irrigation drip

Rain Harvesting

Keep what’s yours with a rain barrel or cistern system.

We have so much more! 

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