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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Are they free?
Yes! Rainplan offers VSVs for free as an opportunity for you to meet with one of our experts to discuss your project.
Can I do more than one VSV?
Yes. Need more information about a specific nature-based solution? Want to talk through the summary materials you received from your Rainplanner? Been a year since we last spoke? We understand that green projects are complex and that you might not be ready to complete them. Our team is here for you – please feel free to schedule additional VSVs as needed.
Which VSV is right for me (Phone vs. Video)?
While the expertise is the same – your project type will impact which is better for you. For example, a phone VSV may be better if you just have one or two questions about a specific project. A video VSV may be better for a longer discussion related to potential project options or conceptualization. Keep in mind, regardless of what you select, you are not limited by time. We are here for you throughout the process.
What comes after the VSV?
Following your VSV session you will receive a PDF summary. The included information will vary based on what you discuss with your Rainplanner. Generally, you can expect a summary of a sample project scope, market pricing (for select markets), answers to any specifics you asked, and links to relevant information.
Where is the meeting information?
Whether you opt for a phone VSV or a video VSV, you will receive an email confirmation that includes relevant information. For video VSVs specifically, check the “location” and “meeting details” for the link. You will need a Zoom account to complete a video site visit.
Do I need to be at the address?
No. Our team of experts will complete preliminary work ahead of your VSV that includes using hi-resolution imagery, elevation, and other parcel data  to assess the property.
How do you see my property?
Our team of experts utilizes a 3rd-party software that offers yearly updated hi-resolution imagery to evaluate your property.
What is an Estimated Service Fee?
The “Estimated Service Fee” is Rainplan’s fee for services provided. It only applies if you sign a service agreement with us and is separate of the installer (contractor) cost(s). That fee includes (but is not limited to) permitting, incentive filing and fulfillment, project scoping costs, and project assurance. Service fee varies based on installation type.
What is cost per sq.ft estimate based on?
The cost per sq. ft. estimates are based on nationwide market averages and because there are a variety of factors that impact the final installation cost – I would not compare them 1:1 with a quote from a contractor.
What do you mean when you say Treated Impervious Surface Area?
The Treated Impervious Surface Area is essentially the amount of surface area that could be directed towards the installation and thus is being “treated” by your nature-based solution. This represents runoff from roofs, yard, uphill areas, etc. Please note this is an estimate based on hi-resolution imagery and in most cases on factors in directly adjacent impervious surface. Measurements may vary.

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