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Discover how affordable, fast, and easy it is to install green infrastructure on your property with a Rainplan.

How it Works

 Use our FREE tools to explore stormwater incentive programs, project ideas, and find local contractors.

Whether you are looking for the most cost-effective way to offset renovation costs, dealing with a specific water runoff issue, or want to impact your community’s water quality, we can help. Accomplish your goals in three easy steps.

"Rainplan helped us cover 75% of the project expense with incentives."

Tom, Saved $2,200 on a Rain Garden

“I had such a positive experience with the incentive system that I’m like “why not do something else to my house? I would love to work with Rainplan again.”

Amy, Green Roof Customer

“ Rainplan makes it easier to act on our own values and be able to accomplish the goal of a healthy sustainable community.”

Shelley, Installed Green Roof & Rain Garden

“We were at our bandwidth, we are already beyond what we can do. The fact that Rainplan could come and do a one stop shop was it for us”.

Mark, Owner of Aggregate Architecture 

Search your property address for rebates & incentives.

Enter any address and our tech scans the property and matches it with all possible government stormwater incentives. Your personalized dashboard allows you to save multiple addresses and create as many property profiles as you like.

Customize options on your Free Property Dashboard.

Not sure where to begin? Our builder will help you fill in the blanks to craft a winning rainplan. Explore and select preferred technologies, financing options, and local resources.

Accelerate your plan and execute with confidence.

We’ll help you understand your incentive eligibility, define the best approach to your specific situation so you can save the most money while upgrading your property for rain resilience.

Why Work With Rainplan?


You shouldn’t have to go to trade school to understand your options. We break things down so you understand what you need, and what you don’t.


Whether you’re looking for a grants on a large-scale project or you’re just interested in getting a new roof for half the cost, we can help.


Coordinating contractors and other stakeholders on property projects can get messy. Your Rainplan Dashboard keeps everyone on the same page.


Stormwater rebate applications can get pretty technical. Your dashboard takes you through the process step-by-step and our team is always on call.

What property improvements are eligible for stormwater rebates?

Stormwater projects are more than just a way to offset water damage and water pollution runoff.

They can also add resale value, curb appeal, and are more durable than traditional renovation methods.

Rainwater Capture Systems

Capturing rainwater is one of the most straightforward ways to mitigate your stormwater drainage issues. Harvest water for future use and/or sink water back into the ground. Learn more about which system is right for you.

Rain Gardens

Slow runoff while adding curb appeal with a garden that is both beautiful and functional. Rain gardens utilize specialized permeable materials and plants that slow rainwater and sink pooling water back into the ground. Explore rain garden FAQs.

Permeable Pavement

Replace a cracked or eroding driveway/concrete with pavers that slow, stop and sink rainwater. Using permeable materials reduce pooling, increase drainage and contribute to cleaner waterways.

Green Roofs

Lower your energy bills, double the lifetime of your roof, reduce the need for gutters, and beautify your home by installing a green roof.

Aside from the stormwater benefits, green roofs add an organic look and feel to your outdoor decor.

Rainwater Pond

Turn the tables on pooling water and poor drainage with a rainwater pond. These specialized systems capture rain water during periods of abundance while adding an element of serenity to your outdoor spaces.

Why Does Stormwater Matter?

Rain water runoff causes 20% of all water pollution and $9B in property damage each year. That’s why governments have created over 800 stormwater incentive programs to help protect public health, local economies, and more.

Let’s discover your stormwater story.

Understanding your stormwater story is the first step to creating your rain plan. Let’s start by looking up your property and defining the key components of your rain plan.

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