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The Rainplan Marketplace is the largest database of stormwater solutions and property storm scores! We offer you a curated space to discover stormwater incentives, services, and planning tools to make your property project affordable and easy!

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What Our Customers Are Saying


Amy B.

“Everyone has been very responsive. They pushed my incentive application down the road and took care of getting in touch with me if they needed anything. I don’t know if I could have finished my green roof without Rainplan.”


Shelley M.

“ Rainplan makes it easier to act on our own values and accomplish the goal of a healthy, sustainable community.”

Who We Serve

Our Rainplan Communities

Be a part of the growing stormwater marketplace. Rainplan helps connect anyone interested in stormwater to the right people at the right time. 

Property Owners

Residential Property Owners, Commerical Property owners, Community Groups, people curious about stormwater incentives, or anyone that knows an address is welcome to explore, connect, engage, plan, or buy stormwater solutions at

Contractors, Engineers, Designers

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Anyone that provides services that help install stormwater services on a properties can access stormwater opportunities.

Local Government & Utility Officials

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The Rainplan Collective is a free resource designed to help communities promote and measure private property adoption as part of their green infrastructure and MS4 compliance strategy.

What Problems Are Solved With Rainplan?

“I can’t find a contractor I trust”

The most annoying thing for a property owner are contractors who either don’t show up, or they don’t communicate. We vet service providers and provide them with your Rainplan details ahead of time to ensure they understand the project and are willing to do it. 

“I can’t afford it”

Home projects are expensive and often the result of necessity. With Rainplan we find you incentives to help make your project affordable or use our Green Spending Advance to set up a payment plan. 

“I don’t get rain, so why should I care”

Many regions in the United States are in a drought and under water restrictions. Installing rain harvesting, grass removal, or xeriscaping are solutions for sustainable property upgrades. 

“I can do this myself”

You absolutely can do many stormwater projects as a DIY. What we offer are incentives and funding to make large projects doable, find you project proposals so you can get the best price, and the biggest win is that we save you time. 

What You Can Accomplish

Stormwater Project Ideas

Don’t miss out on upgrading your property value! Stormwater projects, aka Green Infrastructure projects, can be a variety of things:

  • Drain Extensions
  • Green Roofs
  • Grass Removal
  • Rain Barrels
  • Underground Cisterns
  • Erosion Prevention
  • Tree Planting
  • Rain Gardens
  • Xeriscaping and so much more…
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Underground rainwater storage tanks

Why Work With Rainplan?

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You shouldn’t have to go to trade school to understand your options. We break things down so you understand what you need, and what you don’t.


Whether you’re looking for grants on a large-scale project, stormwater incentives, or you’re just interested in getting a new roof for half the cost, we can help.


Coordinating contractors and other stakeholders on property projects can get messy. Your Rainplan Dashboard keeps everyone on the same page.


Stormwater rebate applications can get pretty technical. Your dashboard takes you through the process step-by-step and our team is always on call.
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