Welcome to the Rain Revolution!

Our vision is to empower property owners to invest in sustainable stormwater solutions by bringing stormwater management to the forefront of urban property improvements.

Why Stormwater?


We live in a concrete country. 

With growing cities and numerous hardscapes, water runoff is moving faster than ever and picking up chemicals, oils, and bacteria carrying them out into our waterways. 

Stormwater drainage affects everything.

  • Economies.
  • Health.
  • Sustainable communities.
  • Your utility bills.

Over HALF of United States waterways are deemed unfit for swimming, drinking, and sustaining aquatic life. 

Here’s what we plan to do about it: 

Roughly 80% of urban areas are private property.

Imagine if we could mobilize and empower these property owners to adopt stormwater best practices on their landscapes!

Our goal is to create one place online for stormwater adoption and education by: 


Removing financial barriers.

Removing time constraints.

Removing confusion.

about rainplan umbrella

Small startup, Big ambition.

We are a constantly growing team with various backgrounds in real estate development, nonprofit management, city planning, education, financial consulting, and more.


Remote team based in DC metro area

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